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Snake Island image killed Plan A for R.I. rattlers
The timber rattlesnake is disappearing. The last population in Rhode Island was seen in Tiverton 45 years ago.

Public opposition has scuttled a plan to introduce a new population of timber rattlesnakes, raised at Roger Williams Park Zoo, on Mt. Zion island in central Massachusetts’ Quabbin Reservoir. They will be released elsewhere in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Providence Zoo's Conservation Director is a Rare Breed

Lou Perrotti spends much of his time working to protect threatened and endangered species. It’s surprising then when one discovers the lifelong Rhode Islander could be the last of his kind.

Roger Williams Park Zoo preps for winter storm
Have you ever wondered how zoos deal with all of the snow?

ABC6 News caught up with the Roger Williams Park Zoo Monday afternoon to see how they're planning on keeping all of the animals there safe and warm.

Highlighting Roger Williams Park Zoo’s commitment to conservation
Action for Animals

Roger Williams Park Zoo is part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is at the forefront of the conservation movement. Locally, the zoo works to save the American burying beetle, the timber rattlesnake, and the New England cottontail rabbit.