Roger Williams Park Zoo mourns loss of beloved giraffe

The average life expectancy for a giraffe in captivity is 17 years, according to zoo officials, while Amber made it to 26 years old. Over the past year, zoo officials said Amber lost her eyesight due to cataracts. The zoo could not find another facility that has managed a blind giraffe to ask for advice so the care plan was developed through trial and error.

Zoo officials said staff was able to help Amber adjust to her blindness and maintain a good quality of life. Based on her overall health in the past couple of weeks, the care staff decided to euthanize her humanely since the giraffe could no longer move around her exhibit properly.

“Everyone at the Zoo will miss Amber and her sweet demeanor,” the zoo said on its Facebook page.

Amber was born on August 8, 1991 in Cleveland and came to Roger Williams Park Zoo the following year.

“For many years, Amber was a favorite with guests who enjoyed feeding the giraffes,” the zoo said.



Tuesday, November 14, 2017


The oldest Masai giraffe in America has passed away.