Camel, Dromedary

Camel, Dromedary

Camelus dromedarius

Vital Statistics


9 - 10 feet


1,000 - 1, 500 lbs


Herbivore diet and Timothy hay


Status: Common

Geographic Region

Deserts and semi-arid grasslands of North Africa and the Middle East

At The Zoo

Marco Polo's Adventure Trek

Did You Know?

Camels are specialized for desert living. They have nostrils that can close independently of each other, heavy eyebrows and long eyelashes, a third eyelid, and hairy ears, all of which help protect them from blowing sand. They have long legs with large feet that help them walk in the sand, and a fatty hump that allows them to go weeks without food.  A camel retains fluid when necessary by urinating very little water and stores water in almost every cell of its body.