Rattlesnake, Timber

Rattlesnake, Timber

Crotalus horridus

Vital Statistics


3 - 4.5 feet long



Eats 6-20 meals per year consisting of small mammals, birds; occasionally lizards, frogs and other snakes


Status: Endangered

Geographic Region

Originally found in 31 states from southern Maine to northern Florida and west to Minnesota and eastern Texas. Now it is found in only 27 states and has been extirpated from Maine, Rhode Island, central New Hampshire, most of Vermont, Long Island and parts of Ohio.

At The Zoo

Snake Den located between the Discover the Wild gift shop and Marco Polo's Adventure Trek. They are also a part of our Timber Rattlesnake Recovery Program.

Did You Know?

The rattle is made of loosely attached horny segments made of keratin, like human fingernails. A new segment is added each time the snake sheds. When vibrated, the rattle makes the buzzing sound characteristic of a disturbed rattlesnake.