Director of Education

Shareen Knowlton
Get to know me!
What I do at the Zoo

As the Director of Education at the Zoo I oversee an amazing team; my department develops and facilitates the Zoo’s school, family, public, interpretive, and volunteer programming.  I got my start in conservation education at Roger Williams Park Zoo in 1997.  After holding various positions at the Zoo, including instructor, theater and volunteer programs coordinator, and special events manager, I left to manage the public programs at Zoo Atlanta.  While at Zoo Atlanta, I developed a cross-department process for interpretive planning, and gained experience with exhibit development.  I have also served as the Director of Education at the New England Botanical Gardens.  I returned to Roger Williams Park Zoo in my current role in 2004.

More about me...

My professional focus has become environmental education policy and legislative affairs.  My passion is working toward environmental literacy through systemic change and education reform in our public schools.  I sit on AZA’s Conservation Education Committee as a liaison to the Government Affairs Committee and serve as Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the North American Association for Environmental Education.  I am a member of the strategy team for the No Child Left Inside Coalition, a national advocacy organization representing over 50 million members.  I also sit on the Board of Directors for the New England Environmental Education Alliance and the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association.
I hold a B.A. in Biology from Rhode Island College.  My love for all things outdoors stems from spending entire childhood summers on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick, Canada where exploring tidal pools, observing seals, whales, and birds of all types were my favorite things to do.  It’s still my favorite place on earth!