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The Ghosts of Gone Birds Haunts an Odd and Endangered Beetle
After centuries of losing countless birds and other small animals, a spiral of ecological consequences has taken its toll on American burying beetles.

This story isn’t about a bird; it’s about a hole that a bird once filled.

On a Monday in late June, as the Massachusetts resort island of Nantucket abounds with vacationers who use the word “summer” as a verb, a small team plants dead quails in about two dozen man-made holes on a grassy...

Celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week at RWP Zoo
Every third week of July is National Zoo Keepers week.

Every third week of July is National Zoo Keepers week.

The week is meant to acknowledge and celebrate all of the professionals who care for animals at zoos.

We spoke with Laura Isaacs, a zoo keeper at Roger Williams Park Zoo for the past eleven years.

She cares for many...

R.I. state insect in middle of national debate over Endangered Species Act
For a creature whose life is so entwined with death and decay, the American burying beetle has a certain charm.

Seen up close, the inch-and-a-half-long insect that raises its young on the rotting carcasses of small birds and mammals is striking in appearance: a heart-shaped orange blaze on a glossy black head, matching bands over a pair of wings, and most prominently, another fiery patch on the pronotum,...

Backyard & Beyond: There’s no reason to fear snakes in RI
I’m calling 2019 my year of the snake, and early summer is the ideal time to find them.

Birds captured my imagination almost 40 years ago because of their vibrant colors, great diversity, and ease of seeing them any time of year. After observing most of the species that could be seen in the U.S., I expanded my horizons to focus on butterflies for a few years, then dragonflies,...

Man of the Menagerie
A love of animals is all in a day’s work for Wakefield resident Tim French

When an 800-pound wild Himalayan goat called a takin escaped from its enclosure at Roger Williams Park Zoo last May, it smashed through a reinforced door and injured two staff members before the zoo’s recapture team, overseen by Wakefield resident Tim French, sedated the animal and returned it...

Zoo scores binturong success by saving Thistle from siblings
The scratches on Matt Fugate’s arms show how the three baby binturongs at Roger Williams Park Zoo got their names: Nettle, Bramble and Thistle.

“They have strong claws,” he said. “They like to climb.”

Now about three months old, the baby bints have scored three successes already. They’re the zoo’s first binturong litter, born March 8. The smallest, Thistle, was being pushed aside by the other two, who hogged the food and warmth...

New Baby Binturongs
Baby Alert! Meet Thistle, the Zoo's smallest of three healthy baby binturong born on March 8.

First-time mom Poppy is feeding and nurturing two of the triplets. As the tiniest member of the family, and being pushed away by her two stronger siblings, Thistle is being hand-reared in the Zoo's Veterinary Hospital. The animal care staff is working around the clock to feed her and make sure...

Federal and State Wildlife Agencies Release New England Cottontails on Island Refuge
As part of an ongoing conservation effort to restore the rare New England cottontail rabbit to New England and eastern New York...

...the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), along with partners, released 13 wild-caught New England cottontails on Tuesday on Nomans Land Island National Wildlife Refuge, an island off Martha’s Vineyard...

A forbidding island off Martha’s Vineyard, once a bombing site, is now a bunny refuge
The 38-foot aluminum catamaran sliced across a light chop on Vineyard Sound, headed for a sandy brown strip of land with a foreboding name and a treacherous past.

Closed to the public, Nomans Land, 3 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard, is littered with unexploded bombs and rockets from its years as a naval bombing site.

This week, the federal government was delivering a payload of a gentler sort: 13 cinnamon-colored New England cottontail rabbits...

Status change proposed for endangered American burying beetle
Local scientists skeptical over downgrading American burying beetle.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to downgrade the status of the American burying beetle from endangered to threatened, but local scientists say climate change is putting the species even more at risk.

Under the Endangered Species Act, the status change would loosen...