Digital ZooCamp

Digital ZooCamp

NEW Digital Adventures: Zoo-Cation Day Camps!

A day off from school does not have to mean a day off from learning, exploring, and making friends! ZooCamp: Digital Adventures is a hybrid camp experience. Before their scheduled camp, campers will receive a ZooCamp Adventure Package with all of the necessary tools and materials for camp! We will play games, create crafts, sing, dance, visit animals and more! All of this led by our dedicated counselor team. Join us for a day of ZooCamp fun, learning and experience unlike any of the “virtual” learning you are used to. Read ahead to find out the theme of each day!

Zoo-Cation Theme: All in the Family! Growing up wild can be tough. Some start out on their own, some with a little help from their parents, some with an extended family, and some with a whole community to look out for them. We’ll learn how baby animals survive and how communities work within our animal kingdom!

2020 Zoo-Cation Dates, Hours & Pricing

Hours: Each day camp will have a live interactive zoom session from 1 PM-4 PM

Price: Ages 6 – 11: Members $45 / Non-Members $50


Please read before registering:

  • Registration will close a week before your scheduled week of camp. To register for camp and a mail home Adventure Box, you will have to register one week minimum.
  • Campers must be the minimum age of each camp at the time of attending. Requirements are not negotiable and are strictly enforced. RWP Zoo reserves the right to cancel your registration if your camper does not meet the minimum age requirement.
  • Cancellations and transfers are refundable up to two weeks before the scheduled start date of your camp.
  • $5 sibling discount applies to all Digital Adventures camps.  First registration at full price, $5 applied to each sibling thereafter. Siblings must be registered within the same account. Please note that our registration system does not automatically apply this discount. Forward your receipt to the registrar at to receive this discount as a refund.
ZooCation Day FAQ
What is a ZooCamp Adventure Package?

A ZooCamp Adventure Package is everything you need to have a successful day at camp! You will receive your craft template and any materials needed prior to your chosen camp day. Your ZooCamp Adventure package will be shipped to you at no additional cost.

What if I do not receive my ZooCamp Adventure Package?

If you don’t receive it, don’t worry! Please contact the ZooCamp Director at or call at 401-785-3510 ext. 394 Monday-Wednesday and Friday. You can also reach the Manager of Family Programs at 401-785-3510 ext 352 or on Sunday-Wednesday. They would be happy to assist you to replace your ZooCamp Adventure Package.

What time is the live interactive session?

The live interactive session will take place over zoom on your chosen camp day from 1 PM-4 PM.

Can I sign up for multiple ZooCation Day Camps?

You can sign up for as many as you like! We have a different curriculum set up for each camp day so the campers will never do the same thing twice!

How much is ZooCation Day Camps?

ZooCation Day Camp is $45 for members and $50 for non-members.

Can I stay with my camper?

You are more than welcome to stay with your camper. The program is designed so the camper will not need parental support or guidance to complete activities or craft. However, it does not replace adult supervision. We ask that an adult stay in the same physical location (ex: same house) that way if the camper is having issues they know where an adult is.

Can my child and their friend/sibling/relative be in the same group?

In order to ensure that all campers receive age-appropriate opportunities, campers are grouped by age. Special requests to pair relatives or friends in the same group may be made at time of registration, but we follow strict guidelines on age ranges and grade levels.

Please note on all registrations if your campers will be sharing a device.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Cancellations with be given up to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date. For example, cancellations for Camp on November 11th the date to cancel is October 28th.

Will My iPhone work to participate?

We recommend using a large tablet, laptop, or PC for the best Virtual ZooCamp experience. Anything smaller (e.g., a cellphone) may make it difficult to see, hear, and interact with your ZooCamp Counselors and other campers.

Can my camper participate without audio and video capabilities?

If you choose to participate without audio or video capabilities, your camp experience will be impacted. If your counselor is unable to see you or hear your camper, it will be hard to connect with your camper and ensure a successful ZooCamp experience. Contact us with special concerns or questions.